Antique Illustration Download Leopard Wild Cat Animal Digital Clip Art

snow leopard ounce cat image antique illustration download
digital leopard image

animal cat image antique illustration digital download
digital wild cat image

animal cat image antique illustration digital download
digital wild cat image

These are three, beautiful digital cat wild downloads I created from antique, 1885 animal illustrations. The first wild cat image is of an Ounce or Snow Leopard. This leopard has a very long, thick tail that is absolutely gorgeous. The second digital wild cat image is of a, Tree Tiger or Rimau Dahan. This wild cat is from Sumatra. This wild cat also looks like a leopard with the large spots in its fur. The third wild cat clip art is of a Serval Cat. The long legs and long, pointy ears of this wild cat make it a very uniquely beautiful animal.

digital wild cat downloads .png

Vintage Sewing Scissors Illustration Digital Download Image

scissors sewing vintage image illustration download
digital scissors clip art

scissors sewing image download illustration
digital scissors clip art

sewing image scissors illustration download
digital scissors clip art

These are three lovely digital vintage sewing scissors downloads I created from scissors illustrations I found in a household catalog. These vintage sewing scissors are very fancy. Each handle is uniquely and stylishly designed. Any sewing project would be much more fun using a vintage pair of scissors this pretty. These digital scissors images are perfect for any project for someone who enjoys sewing.

digital vintage scissors downloads .png

Antique Illustration Digital Scrapbooking Frame Border Clip Art Design

frame border image printable design download
digital frame clip art

frame border scrapbooking image illustration
digital frame clip art

border frame image download illustration
digital frame clip art

These are three digital frame downloads I created from antique frame illustration I found in an antique, 1917 magazine. I love the botanical art illustrated around the simple, square border designs. Each of these digital frame clip arts are perfect for scrapbooking spring projects, especially if the botanical designs are hand colored. My favorite digital frame image is the third frame with the ivy plant designed along one side of the frame.

digital frame download .png

Vintage Illustration Teapot Collage Sheet Digital Tea Set Download

tea kitchen image vintage illustration
digital tea set download

This is a wonderful digital vintage teapot collage sheet I created from a page in a vintage household catalog. This digital tea collage sheet of a vintage tea service set shows a beautifully designed teapot with a floral design in silver. I love the stylish, curvy shape of the tea set. Each of these tea images would be fun design elements on a handmade invitation for a tea party or for an intimate afternoon drinking tea with a few, close friends.

Antique Pipe Collage Sheet Printable Download

pipe smoking image download illustration collage
digital pipe collage sheet download

This is a digital collage sheet of nine different, antique pipe images. I created this pipe collage sheet from a page in an antique, hardware catalog. I love how all the different sizes and shapes of the pipes makes the collage sheet interesting. The antique pipe illustration would work wonderfully as a background for a project. Or, any one of the pipe images would be fun in a project. And, the contrast between the wood and corn cob pipes is also eye-catching.

Free Animal Digital Clip Art Antique Illustrations

frog illustration antique image animal clip art
digital frog clip art

squirrel image illustration digital clip art
digital squirrel clip art

animal turtle image download illustration
digital turtle clip art

These are three, wonderful digital animal downloads I created from antique illustrations I found in a child's storybook. The digital frog, squirrel, and turtle clip art would be so great in a project for a child. Whether a child has frogs or turtles as pets or loves going out in nature to find and watch wild animals, these antique animal illustrations would be lots of fun to color with crayons or colored pencils.

digital animal downloads .png

Distressed Flower Illustration Corner Border Digital Design Elements

flower illustration download image
digital flower clip art

flower illustration download image
digital flower clip art

flower corner design digital download image
digital flower clip art

flower corner border image illustration
digital flower clip art

These are distressed, digital flower downloads I created from a vintage household catalog. Around many of the illustrations of the household products, there are lovely, decorative frames. I created these little, tattered flower designs from decorative frames. Because the vintage catalog is so old, the flower illustrations are a bit worn. However, I love that the distressed look only gives the digital flower downloads even more charm. These digital flower illustrations can be used to create digital corner design elements, as well as digital border designs.

digital flower design downloads .png