Printable Baby Girl Label Gift Tag Designs Vintage Drawing Artwork

baby girl label design vintage image blank crafting clipart
printable baby girl label design image
baby girl gift tag design vintage image drawing crafting clipart
printable baby girl gift tag design image

These are two printable baby girl label and gift tag design downloads. The first digital label download is designed with a cute vintage baby girl drawing illustration and a blank space for customizing for any occasion. The second digital gift tag image is designed with the cute baby girl image and spaces for names for gift giver and gift receiver. These digital label designs will add lots of pretty charm to any of your crafting projects and gifts.

printable baby girl label design downloads .png

Free Printable Gift Tag Vintage Baby Boy Design Crafting Clip Art

label printable baby boy image crafting download blank
vintage boy printable label design image

baby boy gift tag printable image vintage design clip art crafting
vintage boy printable gift tag design image

Today I've posted two printable label and gift tag designs. These two printable crafting downloads are perfect for handmade labels and gift tags for birthdays, baby shower gifts, and Christmas gifts. The first digital label image features an adorable baby boy illustrations and a blank space for customizing  for any occasion. The second digital gift tag image also features a cute baby boy illustration and spaces for names. These vintage boy label designs will be so charming for anyone to receive.

printable vintage boy label design downloads .png

Vintage Children Boy Girl Free Drawing Artwork Images Illustrations

boy vintage image drawing artwork illustration baby clipart
vintage boy illustration image

girl vintage illustration drawing artwork image illustration clipart
vintage girl illustration image

Today I've posted two, adorable digital children clip art images created from vintage 1920 children illustrations from a baby keepsake book. The first digital child image is of a little boy wearing adorable vintage clothes and carrying a big storybook. The second digital child clip art is of a young girl wearing cute vintage clothes and a big bonnet. She looks shy as she rubs her eyes. These vintage children images would be so cute in a child crafting project.

vintage children illustration image downloads .png

Commercial Use Printable Christmas Words Art Greeting Script Sentiment

christmas printable words art greeting commercial use
printable Christmas word art image
christmas word art greeting image sentiment commercial use
printable Christmas word art image

Today I've posted two printable greeting sentiments perfect for your handmade cards and gift tags. These two Christmas word art images have been created with antique drop cap illustrations of the letters, C, H, and M. The pretty fonts also make these printable word art cliparts beautiful.
Christmas word art image downloads .png

Candelabra Free Image Transfer Printable Illustration Digital Household Clip Art

candelabra candel image transfer printable illustration
vintage candelabra illustration image

Today I've posted a beautifully detailed digital image transfer of an candelabra. Created from an antique illustration of a silver candelabra, this antique illustration is perfect as a crafting design element for party invitations or house warming gift tags. The ornate candle holders are engraved gorgeously. This candelabra would look great on a dining room table designed with lots of vintage home decor.

candelabra vintage illustration image home decor clipart
vintage candelabra clip art download .png

Vintage Perfume Bottles Borders Illustration Image Transfers Beauty Clip Art

perfume bottle beauty image illustration border design clipart
perfume bottle border design image

perfume bottle image vintage illustration transfer border design
perfume bottle border design image

These are two pretty and lovely vintage perfume bottle images that make wonderful border clip arts. Each of these perfume bottle and beauty product illustrations show a row of pretty and fancy bottles and gift box designs. On gift tags or cards each of these beauty illustrations would make great design elements, especially for beauty gifts.

Antique Garden Faucets Illustrations Gardening Clip Art Stock Images

garden faucet gardening image transfer image illustration
garden faucet illustration image

garden faucet gardening illustration image digital transfer
garden faucet illustration image

Lots of vintage images are great for collage artwork projects. Today I've posted three garden faucet image transfers. The first digital garden faucet image shows an arrowhead handle. The second digital garden faucet image has a lever handle. The second digital outdoor garden faucet looks more vintage.

garden faucet digital image transfers .png