Free Antique Cleaning Clip Art Feather Duster Ironing Floor Wax Product

corner digital cleaning antique ironing download
digital ironing clip art

feather duster image cleaning illustration digital download
digital feather duster image

antique cleaning product illustration bottle digital download
digital floor wax clip art

Today I've posted charming digital cleaning clip art that I created from an antique household catalog. The first digital household image is of a woman ironing clothes. This digital illustration makes a perfect digital corner design for projects. The shape of the digital ironing clip art, with the ironing board and electric plug extension, give it that wonderful L shape. The second digital cleaning image is of a feather duster. It's beautifully detailed with all those fluffy feathers! And, the third digital cleaning product download is of a bottle floor wax. It's also wonderfully detailed, and the product label has a fancy design.

digital household cleaning downloads .png

Digital Crafting Fishing Reel Clip Art Fish Illustration Sporting Gear

digital fish basket image

digital fish clip art

digital fish clip art

digital fish spear image

digital fishing reel collage sheet

I've posted lots of digital fishing clip art for you today! These digital fishing downloads are perfect crafting design elements for a project for someone who loves fishing. I created all of the fishing images from antique illustrations in an antique household catalog. One crafting idea for the digital fishing clip art is to use them all in creating a collage, such as a background, for many other projects. Or, used individually, the fishing images can be used to decorate a scrapbooking page. The fish basket and fishing reel images are particularly detailed and wonderful.

digital fishing clip art downloads .png

Antique Illustration Digital Coffee Mug Mill Clip Art Downloads

coffee mill image collage printable download
digital coffee mill collage sheet

coffee mug image illustration digital clip art
digital coffee mug clip art

coffee mug image antique illustration digital download
digital coffee mug clip art

Today I've posted wonderful, digital antique coffee clip art of antique coffee mills and coffee mugs. The first digital image is a digital collage sheet of antique coffee mills. Antique coffee mills were so decorative, looking like pieces of art with the large wheels and fantastical ornaments on top. The second and third digital coffee clip art are of antique coffee mugs. Each cup image shows a different shape to the coffee mug, and both are wonderful in detail. These coffee mug illustrations are depictions of enamel ware.

digital antique coffee downloads .png

Free Digital Vintage Interior Design Curtains Download Backgrounds

digital interior design background

digital interior design background

digital interior design background

These are three, visually interesting digital interior design backgrounds I created from vintage, 1920 curtain design illustrations. The curtain interior design images, with the detailed instructions and plans for the fabric designs, make for absolutely splendid background images. These digital backgrounds would be wonderful design elements for a housewarming gift tag or greeting card. The fun and pleasure of moving to a new home is in the creation of a new space. But, whatever your project may be, these visually stunning background downloads will add lots of charm and beauty. 

digital curtain design background downloads .png

Digital Stock Wildflower Illustration Downloads Antique Botanical Flower Art

flower botanical antique illustration digital download
wildflower illustration Touch-Me-Not

flower wildflower botanical image digital illustration download
wildflower illustration Toadflax

I love using wildflower and flower illustrations for simple designs in my projects. Today I've posted two digital wildflower downloads that can be used in so many ways. The first digital flower image is of the wildflower, Touch-Me-Not. And, the second digital flower image is of the wildflower, Toadflax, which has light-yellow petals. The Touch-Me-Not flower petals range from yellow to lavender to red and are very pretty. 

digital wildflower image download .png

Digital Vintage Baking Illustration Downloads Kitchen Muffin Pan Clip Art

baking kitchen image digital girl clip art
digital kitchen illustration

baking kitchen measuring cup image download clip art
digital measuring cup illustration

baking muffin pan image download clip art
digital muffin pan illustration

I've posted some wonderful digital baking clip art today that I created from a vintage household catalog. The first digital baking download is of a young girl baking. She's mixing something delicious in that large bowl. With the rolling pin on the table, she's probably going to roll out some dough for cookies or biscuits. Yum! The second digital baking image is of a metal measuring cup. The measuring cup illustration is beautifully detailed with the different levels of measurement on the outside of the cup. The third digital baking image is of a muffin pan. All of the digital baking illustrations would be perfect in a holiday project celebrating all of the wonderful baking that'll be going on during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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Digital Vintage Products Free Clip Art Floor Cleaner Wax Illustrations

vintage cleaning product illustration download image
digital vintage cleaning product image

vintage product cleaning image download clip art
digital vintage cleaning product image

vintage cleaning product image digital clip art
digital vintage cleaning product image

These are three, amazingly designed digital household cleaning product downloads. These are digital images of floor cleaning and waxing products. I created these vintage cleaning product clip arts from a 1913 household catalog. Each of these cleaning products has amazing art on the product labels. The label designs are interesting, fancy, and very eye-catching. As part of a collage or alone, any one of these digital cleaning product images would be great in a project.

digital vintage product downloads .png