Antique Illustration Stock Royalty Free Transfer Images Digital Downloads Car Gun Kitchen

antique car illustration

antique gun illustration

antique stove illustration

Today I've posted lots of royalty-free, digital, antique illustrations perfect for lots of image transfer projects. The first old illustration is of antique car clip art. The large, wooden wheels and big canopy give the old car the look of an old carriage. The second digital antique illustration is of a 1913 pistol. The gun clip art is very unique because it shows the gun with bullets, and the gun is in an open position. And, the third digital antique illustration is an image transfer of an old stove. This old kitchen clip art is very eye-catching and would make great kitchen decor.

digital, royalty-free antique illustration downloads .png

Antique Bird Illustration Artwork Digital Transfer Images Warbler

bird warbler digital transfer clipart illustration printable
digital bird clip art

bird warbler digital image transfer antique clipart
digital bird clip art

Today I've posted lovely digital image transfers of antique bird clip art. The first digital bird illustration is of a perched Warbler. The branch and leaves give the bird image lots of interest. The second digital bird illustration is of a perched European Grasshopped Warbler. This digital bird image is simple, yet very pretty in its simplicity. Both of these digital bird illustrations would be lovely framed or as decorations on home decor.

digital bird clip art downloads .png

Free Botanical Artwork Stock Flower Fruit Digital Clip Art Download Transfers

flower botanical artwork digital image chrysanthemum
digital flower clip art

flower antique stock image wildflower artwork clipart
digital flower corner design clip art

peach fruit botanical artwork illustration stock image clipart
digital peaches clip art

These are three, stunning digital botanical artwork downloads that are gorgeously detailed. These digital botanical transfer images are great for so many crafting projects. The first digital flower clip art is of a bunch of Chrysanthemum flowers. The detail is lovely! The second digital flower clip art is a corner design of Lily of the Valley flowers. This digital corner design is perfect for crafting handmade cards, stationary, or wedding invitations. The third digital botanical art is of peaches. This digital fruit transfer is wonderful for decorating kitchen decor.

digital botanical artwork illustration downloads .png

Free Printable Vintage Soap Beauty Bath Clip Art Old Illustrations

bath vintage product illustration digital download
vintage bath powder illustration

bath vintage soap product illustration digital image
vintage shaving soap illustration

soap vintage bath illustration digital clipart image
vintage bath soap illustration

The vintage artwork on beauty products was amazingly pretty! The flowery fonts, the swirled designs, and the dramatic graphics were tremendously attractive. Today I've posted three, vintage beauty bath clipart downloads of soaps and talc powder products. The first digital bath clip art illustration is of a pretty, metal container of talc powder. The vintage label design is beautiful! The second and third digital bath product illustrations are of soaps, both shaving and body soaps. I love the big, bold graphics on the soap labels.

digital vintage beauty soap downloads .png

Digital Curtain Border Crafting Design Download Illustrations Clip Art

curtain border design illustration digital image clipart
digital curtain border clip art

border digital crafting design vintage curtain illustration
digital curtain border clip art

Vintage interior design illustrations of curtains make really pretty digital border clip art. Today I've posted two vintage curtain illustrations. Each of these digital border designs are lovely artwork for lots of projects, especially designs around a sentiment or wording on a handmade greeting card. And, I can image these pretty curtain illustrations decorating handmade invitations for many events or celebrations.

digital curtain border design downloads .png

Vintage Bicycle Artwork Illustrations Drawing Digital Clip Art Downloads

bike bicycle old vintage illustration digital image
old bike clip art

bike bicycle artwork illustration old digital image
old bike clip art

Today I've posted two, vintage, old bicycle artwork illustrations from 1919. These old bicycle artwork images would look wonderful printed on old book pages or encyclopedia pages and framed. Old bike images are wonderful design elements for all sorts of crafting projects.

digital vintge bike downloads .png

Vintage Teapot Decorative Border Artwork Illustrations Digital Crafting Supplies

frame border flourish decorative vintage digital download
digital flourish border clip art

teapot vintage illustration digital clipart download tea
digital vintage teapot clip art

Today I've posted digital clip art of vintage illustrations. The first digital clip art is of a beautiful, flourish and swirl designed frame illustration. The border design is pretty, and the design is perfec for so many crafting projects. The second digital clip art is of a vintage teapot. The stock teapot image is of a silver teapot with a lovely botanical art motif decorating the body of the teapot.

Want to create personalized labels, journaling spots, or scrapbooking elements? Visit The Graphics Monarch and grab a digital teapot label design!

digital vintage artwork illustration downloads .png