Free Printable Background Jewelry Chains Vintage Illustrations Catalog Page

background digital download illustration free crafting images
digital crafting background image

Today I've posted a wonderful, vintage digital background image of catalog page of jewelry chains. The vintage jewelry chains illustrations make for a very interesting background for lots of crafting projects. Perhaps you're giving a piece of jewelry as a gift? Then, this jewelry clipart background download would be a fun design element for gift tags and greeting cards.

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digital crafting background download .png

Antique Wedding Digital Background Family Register Crafting Scrapbooking Design Printable

wedding family printable digital clipart scrapbooking crafting image
digital wedding background clipart

This is an antique, printable wedding background created from an illustration of a family register template. The antique, fancy border designs around the blank boxes are so lovely and can be hand-colored to match a wedding ceremony. This digital wedding printable image would be a wonderful design element creating an interesting wedding decor or decoration. And, it's a great wedding background clipart for wedding scrapbooking projects!

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Free Vintage White Knight Clipart Illustration Alice Through The Looking Glass

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Alice and White Knight image clipart
white knight image illustration alice looking glass digital clipart
White Knight illustration clipart image

Today I've posted more vintage White Knight and Alice illustration clipart, created from the book, Through the Looking Glass. These original White Knight illustrations by Sir John Tenniel are fabulous! Both of the vintage illustrations are perfect for any Alice crafting projects.

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Vintage White Knight Alice Illustrations Through the Looking Glass

White Knight illustration

White Knight illustration

Today I've posted two, vintage White Knight digital illustrations created from illustrations in the book, Through the Looking Glass. Alice in each of these Alice digital stamps and are great for crafting projects featuring Alice. The White Knight sits on his horse in both of these illustrations.

Through the Looking Glass White Knight image downloads .png

Free Digital Scrapbook Papercraft Borders Black Lace Floral Art Printables

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digital papercraft border image

border clipart papercraft scrapbook crafting digital silhouette
digital papercraft border image

Today I've post two, 12" scrapbooking papercraft borders created from silhouette illustration artwork. Each of these digital papercraft borders have a floral design. The first black lace border design has flower and leaves images draped as if growing on a trellis. The second black lace border design has an abastract floral motif that looks like tulips growing along a garder border. These digital black borders can be used to design handmade greetings, invitations, gift tags, and lots more!

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Digital Scrapbook Borders Papercraft Black Lace Silhouettes

border scrapbook papercraft black lace digital clipart scallop
digital border clipart

border silhouette black lace digital clipart scrapbooking crafting
digital black silhouette border image

Today I've posted two, digital scrapbooking, papercraft, black borders designed with antique art silhouette illustrations. These digital scrapbook borders have a delicate lacy look, which makes them perfect for decorating wedding invitations and scrapbook pages. The first digital border is a stylish, scalloped edge with a floral design. The second digital black border has a more formal style with an abstract design.

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Free Antique Sheet Music Victorian Printable Illustrations Downloads

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antique sheet music clipart image

sheet music clipart image victorian illustration transfer download
antique sheet music clipart image

Today I've posted two digital music image transfer downloads of antique, Victorian sheet music. Digital sheet music images make wonderful background design elements for lots of crafting projects. Decorating gift tags, greeting cards, scrapbook page projects, and lots more, these stock sheet music images of Victorian songs will add lots of charm to anything you create.

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